I’m no expert

About a month ago, I received a text from a very close friend that her sister had passed away, she was in her early forties.  The previous year, her sister had been told that if she did not stop drinking, she would die. As far as I know, she stopped, but it was too late.  I was in compete shock when I got the news, I believed she would recover and heal. Two days later, I received a message from another close friend that her brother, someone I had been close to many years before, had died from alcohol withdrawal.

What I felt besides complete and utter sadness was anger. Anger at myself. I kept thinking, what the hell do I know. I felt completely arrogant for thinking I could offer advice and blog about such a serious subject.

And then time passed.

I’m no expert. But I was once a drinker and now I’m not.  I can only offer my own experience and hope that it resonates and is helpful in someway to someone. What I finally realized is that we all have to come to sobriety in our own way, and that can look like any number of things. There are many paths on this journey.

It is not easy to be sober in a culture obsessed with alcohol. Whatever path you take to get to your sober life, it is the right path.

I’ve been sober now for a little over two years and I can honestly say that the journey has been the best part.


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