I’ve been alcohol free for 482 days today.

So far, I’ve learned:

  • to be kind and gentle with myself because giving up alcohol in a booze obsessed society is hard. It’s everywhere you look, even in kids movies.
  • being alcohol free is something to be proud of not ashamed. Alcohol is an addictive harmful substance that is no longer a part of my life.
  • I am not the norm and I like it. When others are drinking and I am not, I feel grateful that I don’t need or want alcohol and that it in no way drives my behavior.
  •  alcohol caused me anxiety. I thought alcohol was helping me to relax, but really it was exacerbating my fears and worries.
  • not to romanticize alcohol. This is possibly the biggest factor in me getting and staying alcohol free. All the positive stories that I had attached to alcohol were lies. The beautiful moments that I experienced while drinking were in spite of alcohol not because of it.
  • I sleep better. Drinking alcohol negatively effects your sleep. Sleeping better has improved my life overall.
  •  I have more time. Once I started drinking that was it, I wasn’t motivated to much of anything except watch television.  Alcohol is the great incapacitator.
  • to try and fail and try again. To be more vulnerable and to try new things. My world has opened.
  • alcohol  makes you look like crap. You can tell when someone smokes and you can tell when someone drinks. My skin is no longer dehydrated and my eyes are clear and  bright.
  •  alcohol makes you feel like crap. Being dehydrated all the time made me lethargic. Being hungover was the worst because not only was I sick, but I was responsible my illness.
  • to be present. A friend, who knows I no longer drink, asked me if I smoke pot or take edibles. I said that no I hadn’t really considered it. The thing is, I no longer have the desire to alter my reality.
  •  I like myself. I had been experiencing shame from drinking for so long that I didn’t even realize the self loathing was a direct result of drinking alcohol.
  • not to substitute the booze with fake booze. This might be unpopular and I truly believe that each person has to come to sobriety in their own way, but for me this was important. For as long as I felt the need to replace booze with a booze like substance I was telling my brain that I was missing out on something.
  •  I am not missing out. People who drink are not having more fun. If you don’t believe me, watch people who have been drinking for awhile.
  • there is a lack of real connection when you are drinking. Alcohol anethisizes your brain, which is why I often shared information I would not normally have shared when I was drinking.
  •  life is short and I don’t want to waste any of it drinking alcohol and recovering from drinking alcohol.
  • to  feel the pain when there is pain
  • to fill my life up with beautiful moments.






11 thoughts on “482

  1. So happy to see your post. I’m having a really hard time all of a sudden and I was thinking of you and how much your blog helped me. Always love your positive affirmations.


    1. Thank you for your very kind words. I hope I have not mislead you or anyone to believe this journey has been easy because it has not. I ride the pink cloud, but also fall flat on my face. I’ve been thinking about you. You are strong and amazing. You are doing what you know is best for you♥️

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      1. Have you checked out Holly Whitaker? She has a newsletter called the tempest and has written a book that comes out in December. She was an inspiration to me. Also Allen Carr- it’s not about not being able to drink again, but never having to drink again😊❤️

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      2. I did check out Holly, mainly thanks to your blog way back! She’s amazing, but I preferred your blog to Holly’s… :)) Yes Allen Carr I think I did hear about him. But I have a couple of other books in the line up. Sober Diaries and Mrs. D. Is Going Without…. so many books. But yes I need to get back into consuming more sobriety lit again I think. I was thinking that yesterday as well. ❤️


  2. Hi, sobrietytree recommended your blog to me and I really like this post. As someone who is about to go booze free what you say is such good positive affirmations that will remind me of why I’m starting the journey you have been on so successfully. I think I’ll print you post and pin it on my board! Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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