Self Care

Quitting drinking is the ultimate act of self care. After all, what is self care if not self love.

My very first act of self care was to begin a yoga. For me, yoga is much more than a practice, it’s a guide to living well. It’s learning to be in this world without a constant feeling of restlessness and need. It’s taking care of myself and of others. It’s learning to be less judgmental. Yoga is healing me.

I have become a connoisseur of tea.  My favorite at the moment is Rose. Tea is good for your health, it tastes delicious, and it won’t make me behave like an asshole.

I became a voracious reader. I no longer waste my time watching ridiculous television programs while downing a bottle of wine. And if I do watch T.V. I remember what I watched. There are so many amazing stories to read and I can never run out.

Bathing is very healing. I will pour in some Epson salts and lavender or rose oil. Sometimes some pink Himalayan bath salts.  Light a candle. Maybe even give myself a little facial. I feel like I’m at a spa. Oh, and of course have tea.

The gift of a good nights sleep. One of my favorite feelings in the word is lying down at the end of a full day.  I feel such gratitude in the moments before sleep, for this beautiful life with my family.  Knowing that will never feel shame because of alcohol again. That I will wake up feeling healthy and rested.

Welcoming the day. I have a morning routine that I look forward to. After a glass of water, I very much enjoy my morning coffee with cocoa powder, cinnamon, coconut milk  and maple syrup. I started drinking it this way for a cleanse and now I love it. Every morning, I sit on my couch and write in my journal. I make sure I have a full forty minutes to myself before I need to shower and get to work. Kitty purrs on the couch next to me while I write and I intermittently look out the window at the birds. Bliss.

A morning shower to start the day. Before I get into the shower I dry brush. There are all kinds of purported benefits, but mainly it just feels really good. I turn on the shower and add a couple of drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the shower. I oil pull while showering (my teeth have gotten whiter), and give myself a quick oil massage. This routine feels amazing and doesn’t take long at all.

I try to eat healthy throughout the day. I start off with a smoothie of some sort, green or berry. Steel cut oats or a hard boiled egg. I make the oats ahead of time and store them in the fridge in mason jars. Easy Peasy.

I spend time in nature. Being outside helps me feel connected. I love the woods, the beach, my backyard. Being in or near the ocean is the ultimate act of self care for me.

Practicing gratitude daily.  Being free from alcohol has completely changed my mood. Sure, I have bad days. But, I have to say that I have them a lot less often now that I don’t drink. I have less anxiety, less anger, less judgement. What I feel inside now is hard to put into words without sounding corny.  I feel more at peace with myself and the world. I feel incredibly grateful for this life and my part in it.


9 thoughts on “Self Care

      1. ❤️❤️❤️Your reply meant a lot to me, this fine morning. So thank you, too. :))

        I admire your clarity a lot. By the way, I mentioned your blog in my “mystery blogger award” post, some time ago. I felt too shy about my own blog to mention it to you back then, but just want you to know that imperfect as I am in the wine abstention department, your blog is one of my favourites, and I love your writing’s blend of brevity, authenticity + positivity. It’s very direct and to the point, yet includes yourself and your peacefully badass personality. So I’m grateful that you share it with us all. 🙏❤️

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      2. I just read this and had the hugest smile on my face. I shared it with my fifteen year old son and his response was wow! that is really nice. I felt a little proud.
        As you know it’s difficult to express how good it feels to be heard. And appreciated.
        I am very grateful for your blog as well. You write beautifully and honestly. So, thank you very very much!!

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      3. Awwww! Now I’ve got a happy little tear in my eye. And a huge smile as well. Thank you so much for sharing that moment, and for your kind words for my blog. Means a lot. And yes, you sure got that right, it’s difficult to express. But you did it so well. Hugs to you and your son.


  1. Thank you so much for this post ❤ I'm right there with you about yoga and living by the ocean. While I do the first, the second is a dream of mine. Maybe one day ! Until then I'll have to settle for back yard and hikes in nature 🙂 It's day 7 for me, and I hope to find peace and tranquility similar to yours one day 🙂 Take care !

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    1. Congratulations!! Your decision to stop drinking will have so many positives❤️ You are on an amazing journey. I’m so glad you are finding yoga and being in nature helpful. Both have helped me live a life free from alcohol.


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