Last night, I went to my high school reunion. And I have to say that I have never in my life been so grateful for my sobriety.

Everyone there was going through something, a break up, a divorce, loss of a parent, cancer. I listened. I heard the pain in their voices. And I watched as each person tried to bury their pain with alcohol.

I left early.

Driving home, I felt safe. I didn’t have to worry about being pulled over. I didn’t have to worry about feeling sick or acting like as asshole in front of my family.

When I got home my husband and son were watching a movie on the couch downstairs. I made myself some tea, wrote in my journal and went to bed. I thought about how hungover all those people at the reunion were going to feel the next day.

An overwhelming sense of relief washed over me, I no longer have to drink alcohol.


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